my WHY.

my WHY.

Today, I am sharing with you my WHY.

Why am i doing this? Why plastic free?

The two little women beside me are my favorite persons. I’ve raised them alone. They’ve grown and blossomed into kind and beautiful humans. I want to give them a shot at a better future. I cannot control what will happen in the next 30 years. However, i can influence and affect change in my own little way so they can live in a better world.

Hence, my story. Our story.
The next 30 years is crucial to our home planet, to us humans. You know this to be true. Just look at the amount of plastic you and i consume on a daily basis. You have to ask yourself, where does it all go?
Oo nga naman. Where does your plastic trash go? There’s a 100 Million Filipinos, a 100 million of us - Your daily plastic waste multiply to 100 million, and somehow you get the picture. And all these, they go straight to the sea, landfills - and right back at us. Recycling should work - but only 9 out of 100 bottles gets recycled.
So what happened to the 91 bottles? These are questions that we don’t ask but needs to be answered.

Covid amplified plastic use. It’s amazing how quickly it doubled our plastic consumption in a span of three months.

If we stop buying, companies will stop producing. It’s been like that. Regardless of the industry.

So You matter. Your choices matter. It is only when we take the first step that things are going to change.

I am making the most of what i can do in my own little way by providing you options. My experience is limited as like you I have only been new to this.

But my fight has never been about who has the best product, the best customer service, the best campaigns - my fight and mission has always been and will always be trying to influence people to shift to plastic free options. How i do my business will always be anchored on this.

This is for the two little women beside me, and all the little men and women I have and haven’t met yet - they deserve better.

Please join me in my #1MillionMission and start to shift to plastic free options when you can.

Be Awesome. Do the Shift.


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