Are your bars organic?

We use plant based ingredients to produce our bars.  These are also known as “organic” in some marketing campaigns. 

All our ingredients are posted on our website for your viewing should you wish to learn more of our ingredients.


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Hi, I would just like to ask if the fragrance you use in your ingredients are phthalates free fragrance? Thank you!

Kyra Tan

Hello Eco Shift, a newbie here on plant- based shampoo and conditioner. My main purpose of using the product is to help mother nature to at least lessen the use of single plastic. I believe that we, beautiful humans is the solution to growing concern of plastic waste and climate change. It’s not to late to shift into a more eco-friendly products and sustainable development.

My second purpose of using the product if my hair fall and greying hair. I ordered for 5 different variants, been using for Fire passion and cotton candy for 2 days now and i must say that my hair is so shiny, amazing smell and i have yet to discover if this well lessen or at least minimize my greying hair. Btw, i’ll be sharing the other shampoos to my family.

Hats off to the beautiful human behind this amazing product.

Marie Paz A.

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