Plant cell walls include the carbohydrate cellulose. More technically, cellulose is a polymer consisting of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms and is classified as an organic substance. Cellulose offers moisturizing qualities for our skin and is useful in many different kinds of skincare solutions. Cellulose is utilized in skincare products for a variety of functions, including stabilizing some compositions as an emulsifier. Due to its gentleness on the skin, cellulose is also utilized in exfoliating skincare solutions as an alternative to abrasive physical exfoliators. Since cellulose is entirely natural and neither oil- nor water-soluble, it works well as a light exfoliant.

🌿 Gently exfoliates your skin.

🌿 Has strong humectant components.

🌿 Retains moisture in the scalp.

🌿 Repairs hair follicles.