How to store my and make them last longer?

We recommend that upon receipt of your bars you open the wrapper and let it sit for a day or two (air dry) before using. This would make the curing process longer and will in return make you bars harder so that it can reach its optimum use of 60 to 70 washes.
There are three women of us in the family and one bar lasts up to 3 weeks for us - daily use. I hope it will do the same with you.
Best application is to apply directly to wet hair from the tips then form a lather. Please don't expect the same lather as that of your standard commercial shampoo bars as these are sulfate free.
The bars may attract moisture due to its moisturizing properties and may cause it to sweat. Store them on a soap dish with drain holes and keep them away from spraying water while not in use. This is important as drying is key in making it last longer. The consistency of the shampoo will go softer after every use as we limit the use of hardeners.
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How can I buy and return the container of the brightening sun screen to you?will it lessen the cost of the nxt suncreen that I will buy.

Leticia Cabello

Tried slicing the shampoo bar into halves as suggested, but one half of the bar broke into crumbs. How do you shape it back into one piece?


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