Virac, Catanduanes
Virac, Catanduanes

Virac, Catanduanes

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 Link to The Eco Shift Virac

Elizabeth S. Urbano

Data Analyst by profession, mountaineer and outdoor enthusiast by heart. More than a decade of climbing mountains in the Philippines makes me more appreciative of our natural resources and makes me more aware of the degrading status of our environment. I believe that if people loved mother nature, she will love us back and take care of our needs. I am just starting to put up my own business known as Natural Grind, an online Eco shop.




Ever since I experienced first-hand the wrath of a typhoon and the destructive effects of illegal logging in my hometown, I made it a personal goal to focus my life’s effort in protecting the environment. I started using plastic-free eating utensils, literally carrying my reusable cup, spoon, fork, food container everywhere I go even if sometimes inconvenient; picking up trash in the mountains and beaches I reached; planting trees if there is an opportunity; using bike instead of a motorized vehicle to reduce carbon footprint. And now, continuously using shampoo and conditioner bars as a great alternative to sachets. I dream of a more sustainable lifestyle where using organic and non-plastic items is normal and cheap.



The Eco Shift Experience


Before I have known The Eco Shift, I already tried using other shampoo and conditioner bars produced by other local eco savers shop.  Also tried using liquid Gugu shampoo and conditioner that can be bought from an eco-shop where I used to go for a refill. Other shampoo bars do not produce enough lather to cleanse my hair and their conditioner is not even moisturizing enough. I have a natural thick hair with the absence of synthetic rebond solution that needs serious conditioning in order to attain its glossy effect and softness.


I’m glad to know The Eco Shift products that meets the right criteria that I am looking, hence I decided to be a Distributor so that such great product would also be available in our province.


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