Sugarcane Bento Box
Sugarcane Bento Box
Sugarcane Bento Box
Sugarcane Bento Box

Sugarcane Bento Box

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Made from the dry fibrous residue left from sugarcane stalks, these eco-friendly bagasse packaging food-grade boxes have the ability to compost in as little as a month and can dramatically reduce our plastic footprint.  A great innovation to go plastic free and paper free; suitable for hot, cold and liquid based food. The products are microwavable and oven-safe up to 200°C.

Suitable For
  • Chilled Contents
  • Frozen Contents
  • High Grease Contents
  • Hot Contents


  • Versatile for hot and cold food
  • Can handle contact with liquid and oil

Product Care

  • Store in room temperature within 26-42 °C 
  • Store items in original packaging
  • Keep away from moisture and direct sunlight

Product Disposal

  • After using the items, you may fully compost it by simply cutting it into smaller pieces and mix it as carbon component in your bin
  • Dispose in a biodegradable bin with food wastes or paper products
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