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Northern Samar

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Link to The Eco Shift Northern Samar

I've seen first hand where health and education is not a priority for some people. As a nurse, i delivered health care to far flung areas with more or less 1 hour of crossing rivers, ricefields and mountain side. As a public school teacher, experience dictates that education is not important to some because there are families that places priority in feeding themselves daily than in securing their children's edcation.

One can only do so much in any profession you are passionate about. Opening my eyes to reality is a humbling experience. We need to make an effort to the advocacies we believe in.

Guilt drove me to embrace The Eco Shift, after using countless sachets and plastic bottles. We need to offer alternatives and options to people in minimizing plastic pollution. Let us always think for our future. A future that humans can still live and be awesome.
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