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Dumaguete City

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Link to The Eco Shift Negros Oriental


I am Suzette. I spent my childhood always appreciating and loving nature. However, over the years, the news about global warming and continuos environmental destruction brought about by men and other factors sparked within me the passion to step up, to influence and to act to save the place we live in, even in my own little way.

I first used Eco Shift - Fresh as Morning conditioner bar. I fell in love with its fragrance and result straight away. From then on, I did not stop. Hence, because of my belief on the quality of the Eco Shift products and its mission to influence about 1 million users by 2025 to go plastic free, I decided to give it a go. This will never be a competition of price and quantity sold as a seller but the heart to influence many others to do the shift now. Less plastic means a cleaner and healthier environment, not just for us but for the generation to come.

So, do the shift with me now. Let us be one in the EcoShift's #1MillionMission.   


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