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Kimberly Lizares:

My hair’s number one problem ever since college was excessive dandruff to the point that when I scratch my itchy head, I can easily find white particles stuck in my nails. I was frustrated to change different shampoo brands as I can’t seem to find the right one for me. I even opted to buy a very expensive shampoo that claims to cure dandruff from a well-known all-natural product store; however, to my dismay, I had dry and frizzy hair while lessening my dandruff. “Oh well, you can never have it all in one product alone,” I thought to myself.

Fast forward to October 2019, my sister came across a Facebook ad of Eco Shift and we were delighted to have found shampoo and conditioner bars that is a local brand that offers a plastic-free packaging. To be honest, I was hesitant at first thinking that bars would add more dryness to my bleached hair but I was convinced to order online as the advocacy of the owner, Irene, is very much similar to ours – refuse plastic waste to help save the environment.

I personally use the shampoo and conditioner bars that can help address my dandruff and dry hair problem. Now, I am very proud to say that I’m dandruff-free while maintaining my soft and flowing bleached hair. Just recently, I tried their Himalayan Salt with Guava Extract Body Bar and I have significantly noticed its great effects! My skin that was once dry is now so soft and naturally moisturized! I don’t see the need to put on lotion anymore. Thank you Eco Shift!


Carissa Lizares-Serios:


Ever since, I don’t like using plastic products because I know they will all add up in our landfill or worst, in the ocean. Luckily, I came across Eco Shift’s shampoo and conditioner bars online and I decided to try their products.

Since I have a thick hair and not to mention excessive hair fall, I previously used up a regular shampoo bottle only over a month; hence, I was really surprised at how long the shampoo and conditioner bars of Eco Shift have lasted for over 2 months. From then on, I have convinced all of my family members to give their products a try.

It won’t only save cost but it will help save the environment by reducing plastic waste. My personal favorite is Pure Delight (lavender) shampoo bar as it has helped lessened my hair fall very evidently and I also have noticed how quick my hair grows! As for the conditioner bar, my personal favorite is Sweet As Candy (pink) as the scent is so fragrant that my husband is fond of smelling my hair. Lastly, the product is safe for pregnant and lactating women – it’s 100% sulfate-free!


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