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I am Marjorie Ormido and I am working as a public teacher. I am currently residing in Davao City. I am a free spirited woman who loves running, traveling specially climbing. 

I started mountain climbing since 2017. When I travel or bagpacking for mountain climbing it is very convenient for me to bring shampoo bar because compare it to the other ordinary shampoos it might accidentally spill inside and that will definitely ruin your other things inside your bagpack. Another reason why I love using shampoo bars aside from being convenient is how eco-friendly it is to the environment. Everytime I climb a mountain, it always amazes me how wonderful the creation of God. By seeing those wonderful creations, it ignites my passion to preserve those creations that the next generation could still enjoy. Ecoshift products give me an admiration to promote those kind of advocacies that can help our planet to become plastic free someday. As a traveler and a mountain climber I am also an advocate of pro-green movement. I want to encourage everyone not only here in Davao to do the shift in every small way. I do believe that small steps as a whole can make a great impact to our environment. 

Let's do the shift. Let's Ecoshift.
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