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Anthea Dae Aquino-Sana

Zamboanga City

Awesome quote: We all die the question is what we stood for while we lived.

Description. Servant of God. Student of life. Steward of Gaia.

My story. Currently a mother of two who since childhood had great respect for mother earth. However, it was not until just after i had my medical degree, plus the succession of devastating natural disasters from the 2018 floods, to locusts infestation, and finally to the Australian and Amazon fire in 2019, i was motivated to be more than just a user of ecofriendly products. I wanted to be a more active member in society, to bring eco friendly products more readily available to my town. Fast forward, i am proud of having the first ecoshop in Zamboanga, carrying The Eco Shift products, along with other eco friendly tools in the  journey to zerowaste.

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