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Zhyrine Mae Cagbay on Hannah


There’s nothing better than being inspired by your fellow woman to do something good for the world.  It was indeed a mediocre life, not until you met someone that might unconsciously affect your lifestyle.  Meet Hannah. A full-time government employee in a public hospital and a mother to her 6-year-old lovely daughter, Hannah, 43, is still living her life to the fullest.

I  see her as a woman of value. More than her strong personality hides a genuine and empathetic heart for everyone that some people might not notice. She has a big heart for the environment, too. From bringing her lunch box to buy food, securing her eco-bag whenever she goes to the grocery or delivers a product that she sells online, to purchasing consumables that have biodegradable packages, to donating her used clothes, to bartering some used stuff, she probably has no idea how she influences people that surrounds her doing petty disciplined practices yet seriously sustainable. 

Her active participation in discussions in social, political, and environmental issues is all backed up with known facts making her opinion worth pondering. She is generous. It is a fact known to many. Not because she has so much of everything but mainly because she knows how it feels to have nothing. 

She is well-rounded and always well-informed, a reliable source of information and tech-savvy. She rapidly adapts to technological advancements considering her age and generation group. She sets a good example for everyone. Her discipline in all of her acts is visibly noticeable. 

She is more than a co-employee to me. Her optimism, authenticity, and being intelligent is contagious.  I aspire to be a woman like Hannah; passive yet influential.

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