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Hey! I'm Yhaelsha the owner of Hey Sunday MNL. I'm 23 years old, currently living in Taguig City but I was born and raised in Pasig - the Green City. Growing up, I've always been taught to be conscious and be concerned of the environment. One thing I'm proud of where I came from is that we don't support plastic materials. I was raised to give importance to my surroundings and be aware of the tiny efforts I can do for it. 

I'm a technical support by night and an aspiring entrepreneur by day. I started my small online business last July, I love to support organic products that are plastic free. A friend persuaded me to be a part of this movement and from then on, I got hooked into The Eco Shift and how it cares for the Earth. That's why I'm beyond excited to add The Eco Shift to the products I'm selling. 

The Eco Shift won't just give good benefits to your skin or hair, it also gives mother nature a treat by using eco-friendly and non polluting materials! Giving the earth an extra life for the generations to come. 

Let's do the Eco Shift now, our little efforts, when combined, will make a great impact! 
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