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Link to The Eco Shift Cebu 

Growing up in a rural area of Bohol, Mary Grace aka "Ding" has always been close to nature. She remembers her childhood days vividly. The chills of the early morning fog, the orchestra of insects buzzing and birds hooting and cooing at night, the green shrubs home to wild mushroom forage she and her siblings gather after a night of thunderstorm, and the relaxing scent of grass and rain. Her favorite moments are those of fireflies. Oh, the fireflies. Little flickering lights that gather around the trees at 6 o'clock in the evening, making the place so beautiful and magical.

That was twenty-five years ago. And now she wonders if her daughter can experience the same thing too. Thus, a resolution has to be made. To help the environment heal, and heal fast.

To do this, she devotes herself to live a life with less plastic - the culprit of them all. Shifting to sustainable non-plastic alternatives, one product at a time. Starting within her household, she aspires to inspire and influence others to do the same.


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