Cauayan City, Isabela

Cauayan City, Isabela

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 Link to The Eco Shift Cauayan  City, Isabela



My name is Precious Charlotte L. Labuguen, 26 years old born and raised in Cauayan City, Isabela. I love animals and I love travelling. There is nothing more relaxing and nothing like enjoying the beauty of nature. Reminds me how fortunate I am to be able to experience and behold its beauty. Being the youngest child, I had pets as friends. Compassion and concern for animal's well being is ingrained in me. That is why I always have my heart broken when I see innocent and helpless animals suffer from the hands of people. Likewise, seeing pollution caused by human consumption lessen their chance of survival.

I had always been enthusiastic when it comes to beauty products. I find it a form of personal expression and self-love. It brings out happiness and confidence. So when I saw that The Eco Shift supports both my advocacy and appreciation for beauty, I had to try it. Finally a product that delivers and causes no harm to Mother Nature. I cannot tell you how psyched I am to discover The Eco Shift products more so become a distributor and be able to get more people on my hometown try The Eco Shift products and make eco-friendly lifestyle here possible.

Even though we are only a tiny speck of dust in this wide universe, it does not automatically mean we cannot leave an impact. Everything starts with ourselves and every little thing we do matters.

Always care, encourage and believe. 



I am Mary Joy O. Palencia, 27 years old, a wife and a mother of one beautiful kid. I want nothing but the best for my family for they are my life. I want my daughter to grow happy and healthy and experience the world in its glory. Letting the environment degrade is like depriving the youth their future, it has got to stop. Eliminating the use of single use plastics will go long way in maintaining our planet's dignity. We only have one home after all and we should take care of it.

I always see to it that the products my family uses are safe and gentle for our skin. I was intrigued when I first saw The Eco Shift. I had been looking for products such as these for sometime and boy was I not disappointed. It leaves hair and the skin soft and smooth and it smells nice too. I wanted to influence other people to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle and provide products for those who are willing and interested.

For our bath needs, I trust The Eco Shift, You should too. 

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