Baybay City, Leyte

Baybay City, Leyte

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Link to The Eco Shift Baybay City


Hi! My name is Jemimah Leah and I've made it my personal mission to cut back on waste as I journey on with this life that God has given me. I was born and raised in the City of Baybay along the Western coast of Leyte. I have always been an island girl - surrounded by the majestic Mt. Pangasugan, beautiful rivers, waterfalls, caves, and beaches.


Living near the sea, I have seen the impact of our fast-paced human activities to the environment especially along our coasts. It's heartbreaking to see plastics, like single-use sachets and bottles, washed-up along the shorelines. These plastics usually come from our day-to-day necessities that will accumulate through time. With the help and availability of The Eco Shift products, I aim to promote the use of plastic-free essentials and start advocating for a sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle in my hometown. All these, while having guilt-free gorgeous hair and skin.


Let's be Awesome Humans and #DoTheShiftBaybay!


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