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Link to The Eco Shift Albay

I am Ma. Isabelle A. Gonzales, 29y/o, from the Province of Albay but, is now currently residing at Paranaque. I am a mother to a wonderful girl named Carleen, a financial advisor from Sun Life, a Juris Doctor graduate from San Beda and a business owner - selling partner to several businesses. I am a proud advocate of financial literacy/awareness, gender equality and, needless to say, eco friendly lifestyle and products. 

When it comes to business, I only partner with those in line with my advocacies. And, indeed, The Eco Shift is one of them.

The Province of Albay, popularly known for the world famous Mayon Volcano, boasts beaches and green landscapes. While the economy is doing well in Albay, we are slowly being eaten up by buildings and commercial establishments. My fear is that, one day, our province will become just like another Manila. So, I am making the first step by advocating and promoting eco friendly lifestyle and products to my fellow Bicolanos.

The good news, The Eco Shift offers quality products that are essential to everyday use and are way better and healthier than any other commercial shampoo, conditioner and bar soaps.

So what do we do? #DoTheShiftAlbay

My name is Nicole Marie De Afria Arboleda, 26 years old, residing alternately in Manila and Albay, or wherever my business takes me. I graduated with Bachelor degrees in Management Accounting and Accountancy hence, making me a data and numbers girl. I do financial advising work under Sun Life, I also run a small tax and accounting business. Furthermore, I own and cooperate with several other businesses. With these under my wing, I do aim to save up and legally start my own charity foundation supporting kids with no funds to go to school. Since way back in high school, I've been supporting several advocacies and charities- one of which is my advocacy to sustainable living. Hence, my interest with The Eco Shift products.
My name is Pocholo Ramon Arboleda Gonzales, but you can call me Chito for short. I'm actually a chill and a free-spirited individual. I usually dabble on a lot of things but the two things I'm most enthusiastic about are fitness and business.

I'm now a 30-year old father of 2 smart kids-Caleb and Callum. With my wanting to have more time with my kids and give space to everything that I want to do, I actually focused on being a businessman as it gives me more freedom than a corporate job.

The freedom of thinking and the freedom to choose what kind of businesses I can engage to what made it all the more fulfilling. I was convinced that The Eco Shift is a really good movement and business, ticking all of my what-I-want-for-a-business boxes. Hence, my involvement now in this business.

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