The Eco Shift : Plastic Free Options Manila

The Eco Shift : Plastic Free Options Manila

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Growing up I've always loved nature and enjoyed being outdoors. I am happy walking along the sandy beaches, swimming in the cool ocean, and hiking through lush forests. Many wonderful memories that I have come to cherish.

Now that I am a mom of three, I want my children to experience and enjoy the same clean and beautiful surroundings I grew up with. Recently I've seen these places being marred by trash. Plastic is a big polluter and I've been seeing how it has robbing us of the joy of clean beautiful surroundings as well as hurting the animals and ecosystem there.

I've always been an advocate of recycling and proper waste disposal, but as I've come to learn over the years - there is no "away" when it comes to plastic. It is not enough to just dispose of it properly, we need to do away with it totally and use alternative options. And as I've learned there are many alternatives available now, there is a need for change.

I wholly support businesses such as Ecoshift who provide alternatives to plastic, not only in packaging but also in shipping their products. I am hopeful that having plastic-free products will not just be another option that is provided but the norm in the near future. Not only will we be able to help keep our environment clean but their products are also great for our bodies. The benefits of being all-natural and sulfate-free clearly outweigh the cons. Plus my hair is fresh smelling and softer, and my scalp is not itchy from dandruff.

Need I say more. I long for the day when we are no longer slaves and victims of

plastic pollution. Let's go plastic-free one product at a time!

Do the Shift. Be awesome.



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