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Doreen and Jigs
Sisters from another mother might be a cliche but this best describes Doreen and Jigs. They started doing business together since 2016, Doreen and Jigs retired early from their corporate life and decided to be entrepreneurs.
The collaboration of the two has been heaven sent as they  are now the women behind Mums & Bubs Ph who is the sole distributor of Babygoal and Fevermates Philippines and from there has also ventured into numerous franchises for both food and gasoline.
When the lockdown came they saw it as the time for them to reassess their company core values and realized that they lack the social responsibility role. With this in mind they came across The Eco Shift, a brand that has a goal of spreading awareness to people regarding being eco friendly through their products. 
The two women realized that the company’s mission and vision is the same as them.  Being mothers themselves it is one of the greatest gifts that they can give to their kids and to the next generation.  On top of this, the product is really good and it works! 

Let's Shift to AWESOMENESS!!!


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