Quiz #2

We received 150 responses from our Quiz 1 , albeit a few only managed to get all the answers correctly , we are happy to know that a lot of you are interested to start and make the #ShiftToBetter choices to lessen our plastic and carbon footprint. 😍
Congratulations to our TES Sustainability Quiz 1 winner 🎉 Rosie Jerusalem 🎉 - please connect with us so we can send you your 100 peso GC .. yay!
And now for our Quiz 2! Ready?
Global fish stocks are declining rapidly. This quiz will challenge your knowledge of the past health and range of ocean life and the status of fish populations today.
The first one to get it all right will receive a 100 pesos Gift Certificate from us.
*To also give others an opportunity to win, we will only award one GC for each person during the entire Quiz campaign. This would mean you can only win once.
Take part in our 1MillionMission and #shifttobetter plastic free options by 2025.
Source:  Earth911.com

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